Was it Worth it

In an instant of light I see your face
Lit by the flash of flares, the fear in our eyes
Mirrors the fear in our deepest place
The dark, long-locked vaults of our souls

Some bury them in ice-cold distance
Some busy themselves to mask the pain
Some tell tall tales and hide reality
See war as it is, you leave insane

In an instant of light I see the face
Of war, the land so wastefully slain
The lives destroyed in every stone
Of the places people once called home

In an instant of light I see the price
Of all this conflict in one glance
Across the wire the strange remains
Of one who lived and loved like us

In an instant of light mind's eye flashes back my life
Detached in the deadly hail, was it worth it?
And how did I deserve this end?

Heavily edited from the original, which was written after a school trip to Ypres to see the trenches and graveyards as part of our History course about WW1 in Y9.
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