Finding Our Way Again
(from Tina)

Is it really any better
Is it really any worse
Is it really any different at all
Again we rise again we fall
Finding our way again
Rising from the ashes
Finding our way again
Our own little paths
To Heaven or Hell
This new society
Is it the best for you and me
Again small wars, again small crimes
After control, so much freedom
Too much for some small minds
Finding our way again
Will we ever get back on track
Finding our way after it's all said and done
Has it only just begun
I don't know what to do now
We're slipping again now
Down into complacency
Always our worst enemy
Is it really any better
Is it really any worse than before
We think we know the score
But are we winning or losing?

Set after the epilogue of Tina, where the country has been freed from a repressive regime that outlawed Christianity - but now people are free to practice their faith, they on the whole care less about it. An interesting issue, at a time when many are saying 'Why does God allow His people to be persecuted?' in response to the rise of the Muslim nations.
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