The waste of land the waste of life
These people had no choice
We gave them no way out
Look at us, killing ourselves in laziness
Do we live simply to destroy
We do not need to kill to live
So why do we destroy that which gives us life?
Does anyone really care?
I don't think anyone cares enough, not even me
Noone cares that our children's children will have no home
We take and kill and never replace
The world is ours to care for, not to deface
But we alienate ourselves from our Creator
And fight unholy wars in His holy name
While people who only see the surface
Forget the truth and trust in nothing
Lock themselves away in fear of fellow men
While many starve through lack of food
Still more starve through lack of love
Who are we to withhold the love that flows from above?

At a Christian holiday-camp thing I went on with my friends from primary school, one of the activities was to write a poem about poverty. I got a little bit carried away...
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