Unwanted, unloved
Offered protection
Not love
No love

Cold rational people
Of silence and thought
Warm bright people
Of silence knowing naught

I needed a middle ground
Silence and laughter
I needed to shield my mind
But still feel others

For years I flew
One world, another
Neither my home
No-one my father, mother

On Delta I needed silence
On Vulcan contact and love
My mother's people noisy
My father's too far above

The lonely nights I spent
The lonely tears I cried
No home on any world
Still "I'm ok" I lied

I know how bad
Holding it back
Can be

I know how bad
Holding it back
Always is

I was there
I was there
I've come back
To help others escape

By an older Talia, about her childhood. Written in the middle part of her life, when she settled down to become a counseller.
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