Forever Tomorrow

Please let me see you again
You know you need me
Please let me into your thoughts
You know you need me

When will I see you again
Forever tomorrow
When will I hear your sweet voice
Restored to its former beauty

Why won't you let me help you
Your days could be happier yet
Why won't you let me see you
Your days will be happier yet

When will you drop your cold shield
And cry into my arms again
When will I see your sweet face
Forever tomorrow

I beg you to let me open the door
It's cold out there
I plead that you'd just step inside
It's cold out there

When will you sing again for me
Wash grief's wounds with tears
Forever tomorrow
I have waited for years

How can I reach you you're sinking
How can I show you my love
How can I tell you how I understand
How can I see from your angle
Instead of worry from above

When will you see the truth
When will you cry those tears
When will you end your silence
When will you start your recovery

Must the answer be
Forever tomorrow?

Talia's plea to her daughter Melis, who refuses to have any contact with her.
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