Time and tide

Some days I feel time and tide are crashing over me
Sometimes I need to do something make the world feel me
Some days I just need to shout to let it all out of me
Sometimes I hate that tide that carried me to this sea

Some days I feel used and wonder why I care
Sometimes I need to rebel and to let down my hair
Some days I think about thinking and get depressed
Maybe I just can't take it maybe I just need a rest

It can never last this long but it's strong so so strong
It's usually passed, said and done, before this
So time and tide they need their way
But the walls I've built refuse to decay

Some days go by when I wonder why
Sometimes I try so hard and fail still
Some days I see the truth and the glory waiting
Others I just want to sit down and cry it all out
No truth no glory
A different story
So confused

There's something wrong
It shouldn't take this long
I should be swept up
I should be moved along
This isn't where I need to be

No guide but that who tells me what I do not want to hear
No voice but that which whispers softly in my ear
Promises I need to believe at prices I don't want to pay

This has been fairly heavily edited from the original version, written for Tina when the storyline had her getting killed, about her being more afraid of death than she'd thought she was. Now it's more about me, my paradoxial need for and simultaneous resistance to change.
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