You push me away then you call out my name
You've done this to me time and again
Each time I say that's it we're through
Each time I bounce straight back to you

Stop playing with me, stop messing around
Don't be deluded, I will stand my ground
I can't be what you want but I will be your friend
If you stop pushing me on me you can depend

I don't want to hurt you but I don't want to hurt me
I don't think you understand, I don't think you see
I don't want another enemy, just to know who you are
Are you my friend cause you've gone too far

Why do you haunt me what have I done
To deserve this fate you've got me on the run
I have other things to do than listen to you
Can you not see I must look out for me

If only it were true
That I could just say 'We're through'.

This poem goes out to all those who have used me, and all those who will; most of the time I'm happy to be of service, but some days it all gets too much for me.
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