Ten Floors High

You do not need to clear the sky for me
I can see where I need to go
And I will get there I know
I will get there

I know the port is ten floors high
Yes I will get in the right side
I don't care if it's a rough ride
I've survived rougher
I'm sure

Just open the hatch and I'll be there
Just stay there and be waiting for me
I know I'll make it if you are waiting
I wouldn't miss it for the world

I know the tower is only ten floors high
I don't care if I see the sky
I don't care if I see the ground
As long as I see you
That's all I've ever wanted to
Needed to see

Uh... yeah. This is a rather confused poem borrowing from a couple of SF books I've read... I liked the pace of it, tho.
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