With 'Tark!' we meet
And 'Tark!' we part
And 'Tark!' we meet again
'Tark!' a cry of victory
or 'Tark!' a cry of pain

So Tark you are
And Tark you stay
Though childhood wears thin
And a dragon you're not
And will never be
But mine you will remain

Blue ribbons fly
From feathered wings
To warn away dragon's teeth
And from the still damp caves
You fly away
And home again in peace

If you understand
I'll never know
You'll never say a word
But 'Tark!' your first
And 'Tark!' your last
And all your cries I've heard

You'll never take me to the sky
Or through the dark to anywhere
You'll never speak or know my name
But mine you are all the same
Forever, all the same

Ryni, now no longer a candidate but an apprentice harper, composes an impromptu song about her pet wherry.
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