The World Should Stop For Me

I know I stand
On shaky ground
But I never let that stop
Me throw my weight around
Take a few hints from the best
Take it to the top never never stop
Say 'the world should stop for me' if you need a rest

Make it your best
You'll get but one shot
Take it to the top
Be ruthless noone will care once you're there
Once you're installed not one can complain
Make them scream and make it count
Noone around is allowed to even want you out

I know I stand on shaky ground
But you will be there after me
You'll take it to the top and you won't stop
Just in my memory
Don't lose it, I lost it
Don't stop even when you need to
Don't stop keel over and die but plough on
Don't abuse it, it cost me everything
You cost me everything

The world will no longer stop for me
Make it stop for you
Do what I told you to do
And you'll survive and thrive and all of those things
I'm just about ready to shrivel and die
So don't look up to the sky
Don't look up to anyone you don't have to you're the best
Don't you forget you're the best
You know all you hear all you see all
You must work on being all to all
I lost my fire feed yours day by day
I lost my will keep yours all the way
I lost my friends make the right enemies
I lost myself hang onto identity
You have it, don't lose it
I had it, past tense.

Subtitled 'A buisinessman instructs his son'.
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