The Stamp Of Time

It cannot be denied
It bears the stamp of time
It cannot be defied
Time will catch up with all of us
The longer we leave it
The harder it will be

We cannot prepare in this time left to us
And you cannot survive if we try
Somehow you're important, even I don't know how
Where you can feature or why

After all noone can escape
The stamp of time's feet as he runs
Creeping and calling, rising and falling
We cannot run from our final enemy
One who comes to me as much as you

We must step forwards as you cannot stop
We must stay on track as you cannot get off
We must call and we may cry
But we must fight and maybe... die...

Arunmaca, member of the Council, the governing body of a race of Q-like beings who oversee the Great War between the Mali and the Cali, the two factions of the lower members of the same race, practically immortal, discovers that interdimensional war is unavoidable short of destroying the universe. Basically, the climax of the plot.
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