Sensational Seasonal Sounds

Scrummy scones, sweet sugary stuff!
Spitting, smelly, spicy, sizzling sausages.
Stalky, smooth, slippery, salad with sauce.
Slick, soft, succulent spaghetti is sticky.

Squidgy, slimy, squashable seafood, squirmy squid.
A small shoal selects streams to the sea and swims there.
Slow, shelled, slimy snails stay soggy at seasides.
Salmon slip somersaulting down streams south.

Searing, shimmering, shaking sunlight
Summer sun makes shiny sweat.
Sparkling over some shining streams.
Special sunshine shines on our school.

Sowers sow seeds and spades shovel soil.
Sown seeds soon shoot skywards.
Showers from the sky, sowing time stops.
Many sizes and shapes, spuds, sweeds, strawberries all to store.

Ships sail seawards, suspecting sealife scrams!
"Start slowing, shoals in sight!" says shipmate six.
Stinking shrimps squirm and slither in storage.
Shrimp stocks sell to shops slowly.

An activity in alliteration... absolutely awful :)
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