Something Inside

I don't know how I don't know why
I just snapped it was something inside
Long denied

I felt so secure, so safe, how wrong I was
I never thought disaster could strike like it did
But it did

I don't know why I'm here today
I need a push along the way
I need mended something inside
That snapped

A treacherous star will it just be the start
I couldn't cope I'm too much the child
Still small

What will happen now where will I go
How can my life just go on day by day
After that

You cannot understand never have been secure
But I'm not prepared for this, cannot survive
Without support and security, real safety
I just want to sit down and cry

Jenann explains her feelings to Cassy after they escape from their planet (the star goes nova, evacuation isn't properly organised and is limited to two private shuttles, one is under capacity and makes it (they hid away in this one), the other is over-capacity with as many refugees as could be put on it (Cassy's father was piloting this one) and doesn't).
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