Little Roundabout Of Lies

It's not so much you I despise
As your little roundabout of lies
You weave your web all through our lives
I know you know and it may be wise
For me not to
But you cannot explain this away

It's not so much this I despise
As that little roundabout of lies
That has us going in circles all through our lives
And keeps us from growing good and wise
Just tell us
I promise I won't cry

It's not so much them that I despise
As their little roundabout of lies
They've fooled us all throughout our lives
I know that it might have been wise
But come on open up your eyes
Try explain it
They've come and I know it

It's not so much men I despise
As little roundabouts of lies
Constructed just to seal our eyes
To keep our tiny world concerned with its tiny lives
To keep our little world from growing even a little wise
Of that which
Could destroy it

A rant on the restriction of knowledge, again from Catching The Rabbit - the writer is angry at the way knowledge of other planets and races has been kept from her planet and race.
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