My mind it said nothing that night
My mind it waited for me to speak out
That night but I was too afraid to talk there
What if someone had found me hiding in the corner

My mind it told nothing tonight
Waited patiently for my report, my input
How would I have spoken without revealing
My place in the room the building the world

This is my world so why had I to hide
In a corner cower listen and listen
To its moaning and its cries resounding
Sit and fear that one day I must join them

There she came my angel of life
Just six years old and one of them
Providing drink food company
That day she brought one just half like me

I realised or I thought I did
Slowly the take-over completed
This a child of the future
I never knew what happened to her
How wrong can one be?

Kara-Marie, a spy for the resistance on Phonos, recounts her meetings with Starilak and Starilak's half-sister, the medic's daughter, after the occupation is over.
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