I cannot think I'm hot and tired
Punctuation bores me stupid
In commas and full stops enmired
Semi-colons march on by

We've had this conversation before
Punctuation bores my mind to jelly
Stupid concepts superseded
By our present knowledge anyway

Why does she do this if she know we know it
Does she have to put us through this
Punctuation purees my brains
This whole poem has become a mess
A mass of pureed brains

Time on my hands
Time on my mind
Time on my head
Leaves me behind

Time running on
But I'm bored right now
So it slows to a snail
Drags like some stubborn cow

Move it on
Way over the horizon
I don't want the next lesson
But today I hate this one too

What happened to English being good
English being one of my favourite lessons
All I want is to go home
I feel sick of my deceptions
I make to get through the day
Sinking me deeper
Down to despair

Don't you dare cap your pen
It's all that's keeping you sane
Writing down your inane thoughts
Getting them out of your mind
Cleaning out your brain

It's now blank but that's just as unbearable
Must use up ink and paper too
Keeping your mind off
Whatever you need to keep it off today

I don't want to write this gibberish
I need to write something that makes sense
Anything, anything at all

Rescued from an old 'rough book' from school, from when they tried to teach us 'punctuation' in English class.
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