Peace And Joy

Oh Lord of peace, oh Lord of joy
Whose love nobody can destroy
Whose love is mine to take
I give mine in return

Beneath the broken dreams and heartache
I hope You find something of worth
But past the memories that haunt me
You have known me from before my birth

And You noticed me
You care for me
You know all I've done
And yet You forgive me

Oh Lord of peace, oh Lord of joy
Whose word nobody can destroy
You give me shelter beneath Your wings of fire
Shelter for my soul

And I love You...

The most recent song in this section - when I was trying to find a song to express my mood and could only find ones that were asking for something in some way, I came up with the first verse. Then I came up with the rest of it, which change the song entirely so it doesn't really reflect me as much any more - the second verse came from someone singing a song on Snowplains about how love wasn't worth the effort. It still doesn't quite feel finished.
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