Maybe I just don't care any more
Maybe the tears ran out long ago
Maybe the scars just run too deep
Maybe I don't feel I owe myself anything
Maybe I'm too tired, maybe I'm too badly hurt
Maybe they'll always hunt me so I see no point to work
Maybe I'm too frightened, cold and withdrawn
Maybe you simply can't be shown
Maybe the whole world hates me
Maybe you'll leave me alone
Maybe once I tried to fight
Maybe the payoff is not worth the price
Maybe I just have something against revenge
Maybe I've been too sheltered maybe too exposed
Maybe it'll just go away
Maybe you'll just go away
But I doubt it.

After a certain point, you don't *want* help. You don't think anyone can do anything for you but spout platitudes, make you remember, make you feel worse. You think there's nothing you can do and you may as well just learn to live like this. You don't believe anyone can really like you, that they're just too polite to say what the bullies are saying, what you believe must be the real truth about you. You just want to hide away in a corner and never see the world outside again. I'm not sure anyone but God could have pulled me out of that hole.
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