('I' in the poem refers to God)

I tried to show you in the sea and sky
In the birds and bees, flowers and trees
In every blade of grass lovingly handmade
I try to show you how much I love you

I tried to show you in the sun and rain
Nature shouted My love time and again
Only one rule needed to exist and it did not curtail
Your joy and peace and love

I tried to show you by still sustaining you
Even when you ceased to love Me
Even when you ceased to obey Me
I still love you

I tried to show you the way to go
I mourned for every lost soul
I cleared your path but you turned away
You still don't believe Me when I say
I love you

I tried to help you
Mould history to help you
I called you but you turned your back
Deafened yourself to My pleadings
Refused to come back home

I tried to understand you
I promised you everything
But you preferred to try to earn it for yourself
Even though you never could

So I had to become like you
I had to become frail flesh and blood
To try to understand this urge
But even on your own level
You rejected truth, you rejected Me.

I love you, always have and always will
But you repaid my love with hate
My offer of eternal life with death
I still love you
Please love Me.

I seem to remember this came from my bible notes suggesting that I imagine how God would try and explain His love for Israel, and by extension now His people throughout the world. This is the best I could come up with.
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