Last Ten Days

The first day you were going to make it
Or at least make a really good try

The second day you just sat down
And told me you were ready to die

The third day you wouldn't talk to me
I wept as much for me as you

The fourth day you told me you still loved me
After all that we'd been though

The fifth day you asked me to kill you
I even went and got a knife

The sixth day passed the same way
I still couldn't take your life

The seventh you didn't know me
I almost killed myself that night

The eighth you were back to trying
But 'twas but a small ray of life

The ninth you were sprightly and cheerful
Or your eyes were - nothing else would work

The tenth you looked like an angel
But death's ones round the corner did lurk

The eleventh you were still sleeping
It happened so quietly - I hope I'm that quiet.

The last ten days in the life of a terminally ill person, POV their partner.
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