Lonely Katie

Silence ruled the room as she left
They whispered to each other
Neither heard the other
Their ears only for the cries carried through the walls
As one by one by pain are won the souls of those
Unfortunates with more knowledge than their worth

Sleep creeping slowly denied once again
Kara-Tammie, Katie above concerned calling
Her into the void filled with everything
To see to hear to feel but not to interfere
Lonely Katie forever floating
Sarah-Marie, Smile by her side

Darkness rules the room where she lies
They watch and wait and wonder
Pirates denied their plunder
The plunder of the secrets of the mind
As Katie floats above them and sees everything
As little Smile and Katie see across time and space
As two see deliverance and count the ending days
The cruel days they bide and hide and hope
That Smile can withstand the terror-filled hours
So that there are at least some pieces left
For deliverance to pick up.

A wider overview of the 'nicer' outcome of the two outcomes of this scene (Sarah-Marie stays alive and is rescued whole, as herself).
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