How Long?

How long will we strive for the end of strife
How long will we fight for peace
How long will we live from the end of life
When will we find relief?
How long will we hurt for the end of pain
How long will we learn to forget
How long will we ask these empty things
When answers we will not get?
How long is a river
How deep is a sea
How long will I stay here
How hard can it be
How much time does it take to find truth?
How much time does it take to swim a sea?
How much longer must the world wait?
How much time is left for you and me?
When will we finish our strife to overcome stress
When will we tired of our life welcome our death
When will we see the light at the end of the tunnel
Be it red or white?

This was originally written as Talia (see explanation under that section back in the poetry index), but it was one of the times when Talia was definately serving as my alter-ego, so I've promoted it from that section.
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