Her Eyes

As she stood and looked at me
I looked into her eyes
Frozen to the heart with just a glance
By those little orbs of ice

As she stopped and smiled at me
A predatory grin
I knew in my heart that something drove
Her to this depth of sin

As she turned around and made to go
I tried to call her back
But couldn't for inside I knew
She had chosen her track

And as she disappeared from view
I shed a silent tear
For all those that I still knew
Stricken with the same fear

As her footsteps faded out
I made up my mind to go
And visit those in need of friends
And somebody to know

As memory fades over the days
I can't forgot those eyes
A glimpse when I was smaller
But perhaps more wise

As I see her walk these halls
Again, knife drawn in hand
Hard to say, but any dragon like her
Should be left to die on the sand

For as I see her turning now
The childish fear is gone
And I see the most frightening of things
A girl who knows right from wrong
And chooses wrong

Ryni, another of my characters, writing about the character Seska from the poem above.
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