Hello World

Hello world I'm back I said
In the bright young morning
I couldn't stand it out there any more
Aren't you pleased to see me?

Hello world wake from your sleep
Oh won't you rise to greet me
Hello sweet world leap on your feet
Aren't you surprised to see me

Hello world I'm out of my cage
I've grown up I can see you now
Will you meet me with a smile
Or a sleepy groan

Hello world hello kind world
Hello sleeping, silent world
Hello world banners still furled
If you don't want me I'll leave again

Story of my life another chapter just the same
Is coming up and calling me to follow
Back and play the same old game while
No-one cares or even watches with mild interest
No-one knows me no-one missed me
No-one sees me no-one loves me no-one cares
If I stay or go again or run of a cliff in rage
And sorrow, and die. Goodbye.

Talia returns to her father, who doesn't notice that much. This is, obviously, rather upsetting.
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