Golden Wings

Followed by felt-sewn
Follies of the past
Phantom weight on shoulderblades

Why is the cruel eagle
Better than I?
Am I responsible for distant scaled cousins
And the sides they choose?

I know what side I choose
Even when Cass laughs bitterly
}: For dragons, there is only /between/ :{

For I am not black
like a cat in the night
who blinks her jewel-green eyes at me
and turns as if to leave

then catnaps at my feet.

Why are angels always drawn
with golden wings?

This is a poem about wings. 'felt-sewn follies of the past' refers to the wings that Tiny has - felt isn't as nice and soft as the rest of the material on him (yeah, yeah, it's green, I still refer to him as a him) and it didn't do me any good 'cos Naath just insulted it and I got really hurt 'cos I'd taken the trouble to try and make it look as much like a flit as possible. 'Phantom weight on shoulderblades' refers to my over-active imagination allowing me to actually *feel* my wings on my back even when I'm wearing clothes that would obviously constrict them. 'distant scaled cousins' refers to evil dragons, the image the world has of dragons from Revelation. The black cat is Yasmin's Kali, who represents several aspects of my darker side, and my fantasy worlds in general - there is *always* a black cat (or some kind of feline) with green eyes. The last lines complain about how I can't even compare my wings to angel wings because they're always golden, even though my wings are white, a traditional colour for the dress of angels.
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