How long have I been here losing myself
At first I could only feel this body
Then it was taken screaming from me
Nightmare flickers of pain haunted the times
I must go back to keep it all going
Where is it now? Where am I? Who am I?
It's there when it needs to my perception swallow
But there's nothing there now, no feeling just surface
There are others or at least an other like this
Her stories of despair drive me to sorrow
What happens if I end up like her, ceaseless wanderer
If I lose my body, will my mind continue?
I don't want to become like her
I have so much life left to live
I had all that life left to colour perception
I don't want to have as much life as her
She will live forever; a scary concept
People profess to fear death me as much as the rest
But in the end I'd rather die than carry on
All I want from life is death
Not this void
Is death a void?

Vaguely concurrent with the next one - this scene (POV Sarah-Marie) is something that has gathered quite a lot of play-throughs, with slightly different outcomes/decisions.
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