Falling forever failing again to realise this
Falling together failing again to do something
Falling forever needing to do something
Falling together I could do whatever it takes

Time and again we fall through the same old hole
Time and again looking for that to make us whole
Time and again I see you time and again I cry
Time and again you see nothing again I wonder why

Falling failing wishing wailing over the edge
Flying knowing shouting showing over the edge
Hoping seeing listening being over the edge
Thinking trying laughing crying over the edge

You pushed me you pushed me
You pushed me over the edge
Falling forever now you regret
You leapt you leapt with me over the edge

If you work out what this one means, could you please tell me? It sounds like it oughta mean something, and I like the flow of it, but I can't actually fit anything to it.
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