It is time to spread our wings
To fly out over all the world
To proclaim the good news
To all corners to all people
So why do we still sit right down
What happened to those helping hands
What happened to all those smiling faces
We sing but do we mean it
What do we give to the world
We can proclaim whatever we like
Within these four walls
It's time to break out, wake up
Challenge this complacency
That proves a deadly enemy
Before which many
Have fallen
Let us not be among them
Let it not be said that we hid in here
With people dying
With children crying
And did not a thing

Have you seen the radiant faces
Of those who serve Him with their all
They will run and never tire
They will fly and never fall
When we cannot take off at all
We all expect to see
Expect to understand
But if we do not follow
What He has planned
We should be glad He forgives us
For straying from His path
Even so He blesses us
Richly when we ask
Should we not repay Him
Rather than taking Him to task
Over things He cannot give us
Until we learn to ask.

From the first few lines, it was going to be a happy evangelical song, but then I was standing in church singing about such things, and noticing that we were singing songs about action and evangilism to the already converted and to the walls. Not that I've done anything about it in particular, hypocrite that I am. One day, perhaps.
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