Ivory faces in the moonlight
Angled faces in the sun
Tough-worn faces in the darkness
Rigid faces every one

Not even a tear in their eyes
For a little girl they take and hide
No compassion in their hands
For her young age so delicate

Weary faces in the lamplight
Worn-down faces in the night
Worried faces in the darkness
Real faces strange strange lives

Powerless to stop them
Resigned to their fate
Caring gentle faces
Just have to wait and wait and wait

What can you read from faces
The way they catch the light?
What do you read from faces
Subliminally on sight

Fear in gentle faces
Calm chill in rigid ones
What does it all mean
Confused and lost like everyone
Other colours, other textures
Strange new faces in the sun

The child writing this has been captured by an alien race, and is being held along with adults of her own kind who know rather more of what's going on, having lived off-planet for the last decade or so. Taken from Catching the Rabbit again.
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