Another Bright And Sunny Day

Another bright and sunny day
We sat and wished our lives away
We knew that time was running out
We didn't even raise a shout
For we thought there'd always be
As if it were our destiny

Another bright and sunny day
We never thought we'd have to pay
So dearly
So nearly
With our all

Another bright and sunny day
Draws scorn and mocking as we pay
For negligence with our hard work
For laziness how far can we fall

The marching bands seem to jerk
As viewed through this deathly pall
On this bright and sunny day
We lost it all
How far can we fall?

The frivolity and impatience of childhood, and the loss of the unpolluted world, are the subjects of this poem - comparing the wastefulness and longing to be grown up of a child with that of the human race as a whole, and exploring the darkpath it seems to be leading us down.
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