The Curtain

Who had been there?
Who had seen through?
Who had trespassed past priest and guard?
Who had torn the curtain?

Someone must have come here, but who could do this?
What was the motive, the gain worth the risk?

The earthquake could have brought it crashing down
An earthquake wouldn't just tear
Then who was there?

No priest would dream of it
Or guard dare approach
But there it was, plain as plain
Someone must take the blame

There would have to be a new one
A torn one was useless
The establishment would not stand for it

What fuss! What hassle! What expense!
A vandal, blasphemer, accursed must be
The person who did this
Who would be evil enough to even conceive of this?

No one considered
Even entertained the thought
That it could possibly be
A symbol, a sign
From He who they were trying to hide
Behind that curtain.

Written at the same time as No Time, although unlike the other this one has been edited fairly heavily since.
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