A Crying
You must not tell him it would be the end
I'm only five what can I do
Your friends would you wish this upon them
Where others have failed a child surely will
A facea faceless facea stranger
A boya little boyinnocent
A girlan older girlhis mother
A rooma darkened roomforeboding
We've got them all cornered this could be the end
Here we've got an easy two
A little boy and his young mother
Where others have failed a child surely will
A feara nameless feara creeping
A thoughta harmless thoughtquick silenced
A facta simple factso deadly
A paina quickening paina screaming
As the time runs out the thoughts flood in
The wide eyes bore their helpless pain upon the soul
Accused condemned and executed in a single glance
Nowhere to look and nowhere to run
A lifea small boy's lifeso fragile
A lifea wondering lifethought too far
A lifea fading lifea killing
A lifean ending lifea crying

Yes, I know the formatting sucks. If someone could help me get the first two elements closer in the structured bits, that'd be helpful...
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