To The Cries

Can you not see are you blind are you deaf
To the cries to the lies to this pointless death
Why won't you accept why do you have to see
What are you doing you cannot take me

Can you not hear and can you not see
The pain and the slain and how fear's eating me
Can you not listen can't you understand
Why do you bung your ears and in line for death stand

What has happened to you to your once sharp brain
I expect some reaction are you quite sane

You know about me I can see I can hear
I cannot afford to spare even a tear
You know I can't accept I just have to be there
Why do you have to drive me to despair?

You know I can hear and you know I can see
I know their each cry and fear still eats at me
I have ears I can listen a mind understand
I hear all that you say to me I can't help this land

I have seen too much with this overloaded brain
You destroyed my reaction and you drove me insane

Originally written for Time Horizon, but it doesn't quite fit.
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