Could Be

I hide but You will always find me
I cannot ignore Your insistent calls
Gentle thought they be
I don't have it in me
I ignored You for too long
I couldn't sing many a song
There is no point lying to You
You know if any word is untrue

I put down on paper what I know
I will never be and wish I was
Closer to You and less concerned
With myself and more with others
It would spare me most of my troubles
To think more of You or them and less of me
I know that that's the way that I should be
It's the way I want to be
But it's not that easy

I know You see inside me
To the way I know I could be
Should be
Would be
Help me

Inspired by the song Frail by Jars Of Clay. Also inspired by the particular set of problems I thought I was having at the time. (Naturally, it was a completely different set being solved that resolved the issues.)
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