Tired of people
Who can never understand
Tired of trying
To look like I've got it all planned
Tired of being
Told to just think
I've so much on my mind
I'm going to sink
At the end of it all
I hope to rise not fall
But the weight I won't let go of
Is dragging me down
Am I the only one who thinks so hard
Do others not dream
Do others not have all this inside
Why is this load mine
I can't imagine
Being without imagination
It seems a more peaceful existence
I'm sure that it isn't
I'm so confused
So confused.

Another fairly common theme in my life - being so wrapped up in my own 'battles' over (often fairly trivial) problems I don't manage mundane things like remembering to wash my hair or eat, and then someone will tell me 'Why don't you just *think*?' or 'You wouldn't forget if you just *thought* a little more' - but the problem was never thinking too little, it was thinking too much, or at the very least thinking about different things, and who's to say they were the wrong ones?
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