Why are old churches always so cold?
It seems strange to me, knowing the warmth
Of our small church, and the warmth
Of God's pure love for his children

Why when the warmth of love
Clothes our Lord, the Almighty God
Do we sit on cold pews surrounded by cold stone?

Maybe God's here but I see only cold beauty
The candles flicker dimly, struggling to provide
Light and warmth for the souls they represent

Imposing notes boom from an organ
Is the Lord that inspired this place
The same one who inspires our small church

And the answer is yes
Because some find Him better in this chill
And see His majesty more than I ever will
Upon this Earth

For He is all things to all people.

Written while in Germany, about the cathedral in Köln, although also referring to St Michael's in Braintree (from when I went there) and all old-traditional-building churches I've been to.
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