Fly Away

Sometimes you just have to take off
When you can't take it any more
Sometimes you just have to break it off
Even if it breaks your heart
It shouldn't break your mind
Just leave it all behind you
Fly away
Get away
Get away from it all
For good
For keeps
Don't just take a holiday
Spread your wings and fly away
Far, far away
Build up again
What you may have lost
It will be worth it whatever the cost
Sometimes you just have to
Take off
Fly away.

One of quite a few times in my life when I've wanted to get rid of it all in the hope that somehow what I'd end up with would be any better or more worthwhile. I know that this poem was inspired by a song lyric, but I can only remember that it was 'I wanna fly away', which I'd guess matches quite a few songs.
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