Can't you see he's dead
Can't you just accept
It's happened before
It will happen again

He was no use to you
You can look after yourselves
He was just a nuisance
You don't have to care now

I don't see your problem
Think about it child
He could never love you
Made you all meek and mild

You don't belong with him
We'll look after you
Do those things you still cannot
Show you what you need to do

What more do you want
You've a home and a bed
That's more than most
A roof over your head

Just 'cos you can't leave
Do you need to struggle
Why must you escape
The place in which you are safe

Space holds no answers
Cold refuge of the stars
No comfort can be found there
No escape but death there

Why do you need to fly
You are no soaring bird
What freedom do you wish
What do you wish to gain

You're not listening to me
Tell me where you want to be
And then I will show
You why you mustn't go

It's cold out there
Stay in here in the warm
It's cruel out there
Here you have friends

Must you run and hide
Is it that you cannot face
Ghosts of him in this place
You will just be chased

There's nothing wrong here
You must be strong here
Cannot leave here
Make the best of life here

Zax, Jenann's foster father, tries to convince her not to attempt to avenge the death of most of the rest of her planet's population including her father after the sun went nova and the evacuation was disorganised.
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