She was a bad influence, and she was good at it. She'd long ago decided that was her purpose in life, and being sorted into Slytherin had only confirmed that. Besides, the girls were crying out for a bit of attitude. Pansy was, well, a pansy, always fawning after Draco, who already walked around like he owned the place. Tracy was the kind of girl who liked to fade into the background; she wasn't going to do any good except to make up the numbers. And as for Queenie, well, what can you expect with a name like that? Sometimes Blaise felt sorry for her, but then again, her name wasn't the most normal girl name ever. Maybe that explained her being something of a tomboy.

She wasn't precisely disrespectful to Draco; that would have been practically suicide, given his family connections and everything. The Zabini bloodline certainly wasn't the weakest around, but they were pretty new to the country, by the standards of the generations upon generations of Malfoys, and nothing like as rich. She just didn't fall at his feet when he walked in the room. As for her studies, she was consistantly a 'could do better' student; her charms were lacklusture, her transfiguration was barely acceptable, and her vocabulary was as bad as, like, whatever. Prof. Binns especially despaired of her essay-writing, but she didn't intend to write another essay in her life once she left school; she knew what she was best at, and that was kicking ass and looking cool doing it. She'd already been out 'in the field', much to Draco's disgust, over the summer; while he was kicking his heels at the Malfoy mansion, she was causing merry hell with Voldemort's raiding parties. That must have taken a chunk out of his ego, but he could cope.

And if he couldn't, well, his scrawny little ass wouldn't be that hard to kick, whatever his daddy had been teaching him.