Simon and Narcissa had never met. They had been in the same room, certainly, even met the same people, like two hummingbirds who had fed from the same flower, but never actually met. And Lucius intended that they never would.

Of course, Lucius didn't always get everything he wanted. In fact, Voldemort made sure that he didn't. There was nothing worse than one of your own lieutenants getting too sure of himself.

Hence, when the plans to libreate Azkaban were fully completed, Voldemort took Lucius aside and informed him that he would be taking part in a special raid on the Ministry, a diversionary assault for the main attack. And Narcissa would be with the main force, tasked especially with finding and recovering Simon Lestrange.

He's married, thought Lucius, He's not a threat. But his wife had been with him in Azkaban; they would have relived all the worst moments together, have fallen out a long time ago. And Narcissa was the only woman on the team that were guiding the giants into Azkaban.

Of course, Lucius needn't have worried. After all, Moody was waiting for him with a well placed Unforgivable, for which many Aurors had been very much forgiven in these days. As for Simon and Narcissa, they got on very well indeed. In fact, there are few people alive today who remember that Draco and Narcisa once bore the name Malfoy. Lestrange was a much less dangerous name, from Voldemort's point of view. Less dominance and history to it. So, all in all, everyone was satisfied.

Occasionally a tall blonde shadow would be seen stalking the corridors of the Lestrange mansion, but visitors were instructed to give him no heed.