He'd always wondered how he'd got himself involved with Sirius Black. It didn't seem like the kind of thing he'd do; he was always one for keeping his head down, staying out of the spotlight, and Sirius thrived on being centre stage, king of the castle, right in the middle of the action. It wasn't even that he found him particularly attractive. Sure, he was tall as a tree... well, as tall as a six-foot-three-inch tree, which was pretty tall by Remus' standards, although he was getting that way himself. Although he'd always liked tall men, it wasn't that, he had to admit, that had attracted him to Sirius. It was the wolf in him that had done it; the wolf in Remus had seen the wildness in Sirius, and had liked it, whatever the rather shy and bookish human side had to say about it.

It had been so much better when Sirius turned Animagus. Finally, the wolf that wanted Sirius could have him; and Remus Lupin didn't find himself spread-eagled on the bed in the dorm, a dull ache permeating his body, wondering what the hell had happened, quite so often. James had always been worried about him, but now he could see that the attraction was most definitely mutual. When the wolf was out, it was the dog who was the submissive one, although often they fought long and hard before they settled down to... something else beginning with 'f'. In his human form, Remus still didn't like to think about it much. James had always kept a good distance, kept watch for them, and he appreciated that.

And when he was the wolf, it didn't bother him so much that Peter liked to watch.