Health and Injury:

All characters start with three global hit points. If you are reduced to one hit point by a hit to a limb, that limb is Crippled; if you are reduced (or raised) to one hit point by any other means, you are Sorely Wounded. If you are reduced to zero hit points by any means, you are Out Of The Fight.

If your arm is Crippled, let it go limp and open your hand, dropping anything you were carrying with that arm. If your leg is Crippled, you may not put any weight on it - if you accidentally do put weight on it, you should fall over.

If you are Sorely Wounded, you may not run and you do one point less damage with any weapon.

If you are Out Of The Fight, you may not take any useful actions (including forming coherant words), move further away from where you were put Out Of The Fight than is necessary to get somewhere OOC safe, or stand up. Other than that, you are free to roleplay being badly injured however you like (for instance, you might want to sit and sway gently, or cry hysterically in fear, or desperately struggle to regain your feet and pick up your weapon but continually fail).

Whilst you are Out Of The Fight, people can kill you. If they have a vaguely appropriate-looking weapon (i.e. it has a sharp bit somewhere) they can crouch in front of you, count to five, tap you with the weapon and call "You are dead", due to them having just slit your throat. If they have a completely inappropriate weapon for throat-slitting (like a mace or club) they can beat you to death with it; this takes 15 seconds if they can only do halves, 10 if they can do singles, 5 if they can do doubles and one blow if they can do triples or more, after which they should call "You are dead". If they are unarmed, they need to mime kicking you to death, which takes 30 seconds, after which they may call "You are dead".

If you are Dead, you may lie there to represent your corpse for as long as you feel like doing so. Unless you have the Hidden Life knack, when you get up and leave, your character is gone for good, and you should hunt down a ref in order to make a new one or offer to crew.

Weapons, Damage and Calls:

All characters are assumed to have basic competence with weaponary. Weapons have a 'basic damage', which any character can do with them. Uncrafted weapons, which may be unlabelled, have a basic damage of 'half'. Crafted weapons have a basic damage of 'single'. Mastercrafted weapons may have a basic damage of 'double' or 'single through'. Broken weapons (crafted or mastercrafted weapons with a 'broken' sticker on the item token) are considered to be Uncrafted weapons.

There are no 'point-and-click' items or magical effects. All calls directed at you will either be accompanied by a weapon blow, or by an obvious attention-grabbing manoever (such as tying a bandage around you, putting both hands on your shoulders, or making eye contact and blowing you a kiss). With the more subtle of these manoevers, if you didn't notice then you don't have to take the effect ('not noticing' people with both hands on your shoulders is considered quite unlikely).

The calls you might hear are:

Half, Single, Double, Triple etc. - standard damage calls, take the relevant amount of damage after considering your armour.

Through - after a damage call, means that the damage ignores your armour.

Command: (one sentence) - you must obey the command to the best of your ability, either until the task is done, or until you next take actual hit point damage.

Fall Over - you must fall over (preferably touch the ground with your back, if this is infeasable due to ground conditions touch the ground with both hands), and may get up again immediately.

Drop - fall over, close your eyes, and play dead. You are not necessarily unconscious - feel free to pay attention to what you can hear and what people do to you next.

Freeze - you must freeze in place and not move (although you may shift slightly as you take this call in order not to be uncomfortable).

You are dead - if you were previously Out Of The Fight, you are now Dead.

You may talk - This overrides being Dead, Frozen, Dropped, Out Of The Fight or Commanded not to speak, and you may now speak clearly and freely, if you feel like it.

Wake up - this cures the effects of being Dropped, Frozen or Commanded; if you are suffering a combination of them, it cures the first one in that order (so if you are Dropped, Frozen and Commanded, the first "Wake up" that is called will un-Drop you, the second will un-Freeze you and the third will un-Command you). If you are Dead, you should ask "Are you sure? I'm actually dead," and if they answer "Yes," congratulations, you are now alive again.

You are healed - You regain one global hit. If any of your limbs were Crippled, they are now better. If you are now on one hit, you are now Sorely Wounded.


All characters may wear as much armour as they can get hold of. There are two kinds of armour: Light Armour and Heavy Armour. Light Armour is generally leather, but can be anything which looks like it is attempting to be armour. Heavy Armour is either metal chain mail (or flexible metal scale) or it is rigid. Uncrafted Light Armour is just for decoration. Uncrafted Heavy Armour reduces a Double or higher by one level. Crafted Armour reduces incoming damage by one level; Mastercrafted Armour reduces incoming damage by two levels. Crafted Light Armour cannot reduce damage to less than Half; Mastercrafted Light Armour cannot reduce damage to less than Half.

Armour TypeDamage Taken
Uncrafted Heavy ArmourHalfSingleSingleDoubleTriple
Crafted Light ArmourHalfHalfSingleDoubleTriple
Crafted Heavy ArmourNothingHalfSingleDoubleTriple
Mastercrafted Light ArmourHalfHalfHalfSingleDouble
Mastercrafted Heavy ArmourNothingNothingHalfSingleDouble