The Sword of the Confederacy descends on Border Lands Istas. After trashing the advanced darkpowder mill, they hunt determinedly through the hills for anyone remaining in the area; they get one of Ogou Badagri's cultists, who dies laughing and boasting of how they are just going to make Ogou stronger, and the ten Malathian soldiers attempting to make their way from Black Sands Port into areas they hoped might be friendlier to those still loyal to the family Amici.

"Skrimisher 3", Ogou's cultist, reports what she saw whilst being clobbered: the force was being led by Mattieus Galeblood, who was wearing the symbol of the White Wolves and appeared to have extra clawed myrmidon arms beneath his human arms, the better to gesture with two spears at once; and Ferdinand Rossini, some dodgy Flembic type who didn't seem to know which end of his sword was which but who was plenty blinged up with talismans. She says she saw a load of those skinny Kamakuran humans and a load of Gnoll mercs, mostly with Evocati sashes, and she thinks there might have been some facets too, and she definitely got shot by a Tritoni because she remembers them laughing at her...


Having comprehensively trashed the sinister, pyramidal darkpowder mill, Mattieus Galeblood spreads the troops across the nearby area to smoke out anyone hiding in the tainted hills or virtually impenetrable forest that cover most of the abandoned hive that sheltered the construction.

Up in the centre of the hive, you discover one Gnoll cultist poking the remaining wild beasts in the holding pen. She does not last very long at all, as she insists on gloating about how your actions only make their master, Ogou Badagri, more powerful - and if you are wasting your time roaming around down here, she says, you are too late to stop his grand plan coming to fruition!

Straggling into the hive lands through the necromantic taint that covers most of the area, ten Malathians approach next. When challenged, they look confused, but on seeing the large number of Gnolls present with you, they appear to assume you're with Ogou Badagri's lot, and explain they have been sent down here to hide out by Nicole Amici, after they'd taken the ritual site at Black Sands Port - although they are nervous that it might not be any use, as apparently it looks like it's broken.

After nodding and smiling through this briefing, whilst the Evocati tighten their grip on their weapons and the 1st Crystal Batallion keep giving you looks as if they think you might actually be on the wrong side, Mattieus Galeblood gives the signal to attack; the Malathians appear to be green recruits and drop incredibly fast, without inflicting so much as a scratch on anyone else.