An enormous beetle, taller than a man, lumbers into Harrington-on-Sea! Fortunately, the good men of the New Montforte Patrol, the Alexandria Patrol, and the New Terino Garrison & Ranger Scouts all enthusiastically respond to the call, and Cristian Di Rienzo and Virgil Apuleius, with the favour of the gods as represented by the angel Construct, direct them with impeccable style and grace to take out the creature without as much as a scratch on their armour.


Anatomical Study of the Earthquake Beetle, New Montforte Patrol, November 1662

Having assembled with many of our countrymen at the urgent call for assistance from Harrington-On-Sea, we have been privileged to conduct close study of the remains of the aggressive creature that was carefully encircled and put down in a calm and considered manner leading to no loss of life from the Flembic forces. Whilst the Alexandrian and New Terino patrols have a busier area to cover, New Montforte and surrounds have been unusually quiet, and therefore we have had the leisure to compile this monograph.

The Earthquake Beetle stands around twenty hands high, on six well-bristled insectile legs with the approximate thickness and consistency of tree trunks. The legs themselves are not especially dangerous, although their tread is very heavy. Locomotion appears to be very limited; a slow walking pace is their usual gait, with a forwards lumber to attack only picking up to perhaps three miles per hour; the weight of the legs is likely to cause local trembling of the ground in this configuration, possibly providing the beetles with their name.

Naturally, the beetle has exceptionally strong jaws; the mandibles are spaced approximately shoulder-width apart for an adult human, and the musculature operating them appears well-developed. It is likely that one of these creatures could easily sever the head of even a fully armoured opponent in a single bite, should the opponent stand still for long enough for the beetle to get into position.

The primary attack of this creature, however, appears to be in its incredibly thick, flattened front-of-head exoskeleton area. At a full run, the earthquake beetle should be at least as effective as a steel-shod battering ram for the destruction of fortified gates and similar weak points in any wall, and might even be capable of damage to strong points in purely wooden or chist-based fortifications.

Local inhabitants reported that the creature showed no interest in hunting, instead displaying scavenging behaviours; it did, however, appear to be confused by the presence of buildings, and was found attempting stridently to walk through an outbuilding, which is sadly a little worse for wear.

As with all carapace-based native fauna, it is rather vulnerable to skilled pistoleers and crossbowmen. Of particular mention are Solaine Chase's Tritoni 'Virtue's Shadow' bowmen, and the musketeers Farnsworth's Pioneers, who took it down from a sufficiently safe distance that no unfortunate incidents occurred, under the competent supervision of Virgil Apuleius, the angel Construct, and Cristian Di Rienzo.


You hear nothing specific about the Earthquake Beetle you sent to prey on the populace of Harrington on Sea, but you suspect it was very swiftly put down by the vast quantity of patrolling Flembics in the area.