Report of First Circle C move within PO, re: Unplanned Incident, lands of the Twilight Embassy

When proceeding through the area of the Twilight Embassy lands known as 'Unwelcome Guest's Warning', we unaccountably lost contact with Drone Unit 002. Reasonable search efforts led to further losses: no enemy forces were observed; each of the missing was correctly moving in formation when the ground itself opened up and consumed them whole.

One small unit, ten warriors armed with small clubs, of the Twilight Embassy was encountered but not engaged; they merely wished to advise us that attempting to make camp or move further into the area would be unwise. As we were intending to pass out of the area as swiftly as possible, this did not become an issue.

Whilst we began to take precautions against ground-swallowing assaults, such as testing the ground before stepping thereon, the trigger appears to be extremely well-tuned for one fully grown myrmidon stepping upon it, and there were considerable additional losses when Warrior Units 025 and 024 attempted to investigate the area in which losses had occurred.

In total our losses to this were:
1 of Drone Unit 002 (entire unit)
15 of Warrior Unit 025
12 of Warrior Unit 024
5 of Warrior Unit 026

We apologise for the oversight. The method to mitigate further losses in this manner could be to entirely avoid this area in future; it appears to be a localised phenomenon.

Subsequently, whilst attempting to cross the Peace Plain of Shade in Teca lands, there was a small incident involving unusually aggressive undergrowth; two warriors of Warrior Unit 026 unfortunately did not survive the thorn-bush-related assault.


The warriors and drones of Prosperity's Offspring are still admirably disciplined and well-organised, but possibly a little inflexible in their interpretation of orders. The force named First Circle C move within PO also marches in a dead straight line across the corner of Twilight Embassy lands, through the aptly named Unwelcome Guest's Warning, with predictable results; this occasion is made even more exciting by reports of animated thorn bushes also savaging the unfortunate warriors on their way out of Tenizidi lands through the Peace Plain of Shade.


"Statement: We did not engage the Azarch. Clarification: We ensured no further incursion into territory. Explanation: We stationed ourselves in appropriate positions to discourage further incursion. Regret: This caused the Azarch forces to unavoidably encounter further obstacles."

"Yeah, a load more came down the hole a while later, we packaged them up and all, just like you said."

Thirty-five additional corpses that should have been the warriors and drones of Prosperity's Offspring, that should have been marching into the Flembic colony to bring that proud nation to its knees, appear to have also taken a regrettable shortcut through your capture pits at Unwelcome Guest's Warning and Trespasser's Warding.

This time they even managed to alert your Guardians at Drier Marshland, and subsequently get tangled up in the Awakened Thorn Bushes at Peace Plain of Shade. It really is a terrible shame. Especially the corpses that are too mangled by the thorn bushes to retrieve.