Report of Unit 020 Move within PO, re: Establishment of Base Camp: Unexpected Resistance, Peace Plain of Salvation

On reaching assembly point, Warrior Unit 020 found no sign of Warrior Unit 002 - Large Clubs, but was met by enemy forces operating out of Sian Tai Province - Lady Rain's Plain, behind the Southern Kamakuran Great Fortification. Forces consisted of two moderately trained, lightly armoured units in a cautious shield-wall formation:

Phoenix Guard: Handaxes and wooden shields, full light armour but not worn with skill or competence
Ten humans - three less disciplined charged from the lines and two were neutralised
Three dracoscions - again, these charged from the lines and two were neutralised
One mokosh

Rising Phoenix: daggers and wooden shields, full light armour worn competently, one obsidian large club - possibly a trophy from Warrior Unit 002 - Large Clubs
Eighteen humans - again, one was less disciplined and charged from the lines, and was neutralised
Four avians
Two mokosh

The tactics employed by the enemy were to attempt to sweep the unit into one location and bring the enemy line together in circle surrounding Warrior Unit 020, then close and destroy. Warrior Unit 020 was sufficiently large and well-trained to disrupt this tactic by deploying skirmishing forces; Phoenix Guard and Rising Phoenix fought extremely cautiously and reverted to a turtle posture, retreating to the walls. However, Phoenix Guard and Rising Phoenix took no losses during the initial engagement and repeated this procedure until some casualties were suffered by their warriors, which appeared to put them off further sorties.

However, the seven remaining members of Warrior Unit 020 have been unable to establish an obvious presence or fixed base camp in the area, as the risk of further assaults on such a depleted force causing there to be no remaining members of Warrior Unit 020 were assessed as unacceptably high.


Shields gleaming brightly
Kamakuran flowers stand
Ready and willing

There is a little more debate as to whether Lady Rain's Plain Defense Force should go out and face the forty-three myrmidons which follow the three that were satisfyingly disposed of. Maybe they won't attempt to come through the Wall again. Maybe they are just passing through, and are now staging along the side of the colony because they have learned their lesson, because they are not going to disturb the peace of the People's Republic of Southern Kamakura again.

Or maybe not. Maybe they are just massing for another attack. It is this voice that wins the debate.

The myrmidons only just outnumber the Defense Force, and they are entirely unequipped; not even the large obsidian clubs, only their own claws and carapaces to defend them. Phoenix Guard and Rising Phoenix stride confidently out onto the plains in good formation, hoping to encircle and destroy this force just as they had its smaller counterpart, trusting to their shields to protect them from myrmidon claws.

The myrmidons fight fiercely, but also cleverly; they skirmish and reform, they will not be surrounded.

There is a growing frustration amongst some of the Free Islander forces; they are all citizens of the People's Republic of Southern Kamakura, they are all part of the People, but the original Kamakurans are still obvious by their patience and discipline. Their first tactic unsuccessful, the Phoenixes rearrange into turtles and hunt the remaining, scattered myrmidons; some of the Free Islanders charge too eagerly.

Shields gleaming brightly
Blood of the Free Isles flows red
Feeding the spring grass

Two humans and two dracoscions of the Phoenix Guard and one human of the Rising Phoenix are down; Lady Rain's Plain Defense Force withdraws. There are few enough myrmidons left in any case; well over thirty corpses are in evidence, and the others appear to have gone to ground. It is not the most satisfying of victories, but at least the enemy remnants will not add much to the strength of a second invasion.


Shields gleaming brightly
Kamakuran flowers stand
Ready and willing

It appears the instincts of Lady Rain's Plain Defense Force in wiping out those three bugs earlier was correct; over 40 more myrmidons arrive on the Peace Plain of Salvation, right next to the border. Marching out once again, the brave defence force fight the myrmidons to a standstill; there are probably still a few hiding in the bushes, but after taking a few casualties the defense force decide they have done enough to disrupt any major organisation next to their territory.