"Well, they fell through t'hole, like usual, then we hit them what weren't dead yet till they was dead, then we got them drones to prepare 'em nice and proper for yeh. Whassaproblem?"

The 'problem', alas, is the twenty-one lovingly preserved corpses that previously belonged to the warriors and drones of Prosperity's Offspring, who regrettably appear to have taken a shortcut through your capture pits at Unwelcome Guest's Warning and Trespasser's Warding, dutifully collected by the mokosh Gluttonous toilers and the Waiting Philsophers D drones.


The warriors and drones of Prosperity's Offspring are admirably disciplined and well-organised, but possibly a little inflexible in their interpretation of orders. The force named First Circle D move within PO marches in a dead straight line across the corner of Twilight Embassy lands, through the aptly named Unwelcome Guest's Warning, with predictable results.


Report of First Circle D move within PO, re: Unplanned Incident, lands of the Twilight Embassy

When proceeding through the area of the Twilight Embassy lands known as 'Unwelcome Guest's Warning', we unaccountably lost contact with twenty-one of our troops. They were not concentrated in any particular unit although Warrior Unit 022 suffered particularly heavy losses. No enemy forces were observed; each of the missing was correctly moving in formation when the ground itself opened up and consumed them whole.

Whilst we began to take precautions against ground-swallowing assaults, such as testing the ground before stepping thereon, the trigger appears to be extremely well-tuned for one fully grown myrmidon stepping upon it. Warrior Unit 022 attempted to secure the troops to one another in an attempt to thwart the phenomenon, with the demonstrated results.

In total our losses are:
1 of Warrior Unit 010
10 of Warrior Unit 022
4 of Warrior Unit 023
3 of Drone Unit 001
3 of Warrior Unit 021

We apologise for the oversight. The method to mitigate further losses in this manner could be to entirely avoid this area in future; it appears to be a localised phenomenon, as we lost no more in this fashion after exiting the lands of the Twilight Embassy.