When you attempt to move through Kubla Msakaji in the Mayan colony, you are opposed by ten wasp swarm monsters and ten wasp swarm monsters.

In the ensuing short battle, you fail to kill any of the enemy before they withdraw from the battlesite. Winter Scavengers suffer two casualties, Winter Gatherers suffer one casualty, Winter Foragers suffer one casualty and Heinrich's Heavy Lifters suffer one casualty.


The silver and green myrmidons of Hive Unity march solemnly along the Mayan coastline towards Havocstani lands; but the swirling clouds of wasps that have plagued Maya since its devastation form up into swarms and oppose them. Nothing seems to meaningfully harm the wasp swarm monsters, but Hive Unity stay together, march swiftly and carry their dead.

Only a few wasps manage to get beneath the carapaces of the myrmidon army, and some of those afflicted are saved by the swift action of Vanderburch, the legendary myrmidon surgeon who turned the tide at Freeport; the wrath of Waspor is no match for the strength of this great community of the Smith.