All the fun is over, pretty much. The buildings of Cornerstone are mostly so much rubble. All that's left is to secure the few buildings that you think might be actually useful. It takes a bit of coaxing for the Vengeful and Tormented Spirits to calm down a little and help redecorate buildings instead of crushing them utterly, and a few more bricks are knocked out in the process, but you're doing okay.

?You head over to investigate what sounds like a battle kicking off - maybe the eidolons are so bored that they're turning on each other - to find that almost a score of Flembic troops have just marched up in travelling order, apparently blithely unaware of Cornerstone's destruction.

?Killing some of them with Baron Xavier Blackstone's own sword, well, that's very poetic; it puts a little bit of excitement back into the dreary clean-up task you've been lumbered with. It's hard to get the eidolons to leave a few for you to play with, though - and there's very little of Fitzchapel's 1st and 3rd left by the time you're through with them. Not even enough for another good bout of graffiti.

And one of those pesky eidolons has nicked off with your new sword. Maybe you'll find it again when they've all gone away.


Around twenty Flembic soldiers, Fitzchapel's 1st and 3rd, ignore all the dire warnings of death and disaster and continue to march south into Cornerstone. Reports from the area are sparse now, but it seems unlikely that any of them survived contact with the massive demonic army currently disassembling the settlement.


Your troops obediently and bravely march into the charnel pit that is Cornerstone. You do not hear from them again.


Will no-one save Cornerstone? Disgusted at the fate of the Cathedral, the brave soldiers of Fitzchapel's 1st and 3rd set out to do what they could. There have not, alas, been any further reports from them.