You thought the forests were on your side as you marched into the colony of Rukh, but at River's Edge they make no distinction. 1st Squad, 2nd Platoon, Colonial Marines are forced to abandon one of their comrades to the carnivorous plants; he is torn apart before backup can fight through the thick undergrowth to rescue him.

Your forces beat back the tendrils until they relent, and let your army through, but during your eventual roll-call on the other side of the woods, 4th Crystal Wing do not report in; your men look nervously at the threatening bulk of the trees they have just emerged from, and it is decided not to go back for them.


Any Rukhi child could tell you how the depths of the forest in the New World are deep and dangerous. Apparently the Alkonians storming over the eastern border are just not that intelligent, however. They march straight through a particularly unpleasant patch of forest as if they expect a warm welcome; instead, they get a sharp and painful welcome!

Look at them, in their dull uniforms with their straight lines and 'military precision'. How dare they tresspass on the lands of Rukh! Surely, they will soon be taught a lesson about respect for the territory of fine desert warriors, instincts honed against much cannier opponents than these.


Carnivorous plants and lines of defensive trees make no distinction of friend or foe, only dryad and not dryad; the tattered remains of a Flembic in Alkonian uniform adorn your creation's branches, and discarded equipment is all that remains of some facet intruders.